Trade Secret Registry

Aon’s Trade Secret Registry is a secure platform that helps maintain your trade secrets and establish your ownership of them, with the goal of decreasing your risk of trade secret theft and related litigation.

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Registering trade secrets is simple and your secrets never leave your organization

To register a trade secret using Aon’s Trade Secret Registry, you simply input basic information and use your web browser to create a unique document signature – a digital fingerprint stored in Ethereum block chain. Your trade secret is never exposed, nor does it reside in the Trade Secret Registry. The digital fingerprint is created on your computer and serves as a verifiable record of the trade secret document.

Your Information is Unique and Cannot be Duplicated

Aon’s Trade Secret Registry digital fingerprints cannot be counterfeited or reverse engineered.

More Effective Management Controls

Your trade secrets can be catalogued for easy search and retrieval, management, and auditing.

Demonstrate your Ownership

Fingerprints of trade secret documents created using the Trade Secret Registry can be independently verified as to their content and creation date and potentially used for situations as insurance claim evaluation, disputes, or litigation.

Trade Secrets are Secure and Kept Secret

Your trade secrets never leave your firewall. They are stored and maintained by you – using your own security controls.

Satisfy Legal Requirements

When you register your trade secrets, you will begin more actively considering what affirmative steps your organization can take to maintain their secrecy – a critical  requirement for establishing the existence of a trade secret.

About Trade Secrets

What are trade secrets? Understand why they’re important and why they need to be actively managed.

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Risk Assessment

How well are you managing your trade secret risk? Take this short assessment to see where you stand.

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