Actively Protect & Manage your Trade Secrets

You know how valuable your trade secrets are to your business; are you aware of just how vulnerable they are to misappropriation and theft? Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights, which are registered with the federal government, trade secrets are secret only until they’re not. Not only will active management of your trade secrets help you protect these critical assets, it will also help you capture their full value.

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Welcome to Aon’s new Trade Secret Registry

Identify, record and manage your trade secrets without them ever leaving your firewall.

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No matter your role or size of organization, effective management of your intangible assets can have wide-ranging impact throughout your organization.


Better understand the value of your trade secrets.

Risk Managers

Decrease your risk of trade secret theft.


Expand the size of your intangible asset portfolio and complement your patent holdings.

About Trade Secrets

What are trade secrets? Understand why they’re important and why they need to be actively managed.

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Risk Assessment

How well are you managing your trade secret risk? Take this short assessment to see where you stand.

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